Preschool ,Pre-k and Kindergarten

Our Preschool program, also known as Primary, is a 3 year cycle  with each child developing their potential over the span of years, encouraged to be curious questioners that love to learn. 

Each Children’s House environment incorporates the five core Montessori curriculum areas – practical life, sensorial, math, language and culture. The classrooms offer a rich environment that encourages exploration and offers opportunities for collaborative learning and understanding what it means to be a part of a community. 

Our Preschool Pre-K Day to Day Activities 

Phonogram Reading Cards.

Working with the phonogram Boxes and spelling long e words.

Phonetic Reading cards

Working on Addition facts with the addition chart.

Learning to put the tiles from 1-100 in the correct numerical sequence.
Associating the quantity with the symbol using the spindle boxes.

Working on the four digit number additions with the stamp Game.

Associating numeral with quantity 

Maching geometric shapes with its corresponding cards 

Grading nuts & bolts 

Peeling cucumbers as a practical life activity 

Releasing the butterflies into our backyard