Our Philosophy

Our school follows the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. She believed that all children could succeed in an environment that was prepared to honor their age, size and developmental needs. She also believed that children learn best when they are able to explore the materials with the guidance of a trained adult. At Montessori of University Village we provide a hands-on learning experience for all students to foster rigorous, self-motivated growth in all areas of their development—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.

  • Students learn by trial, error and discovery

  • Students think for themselves. Rather than present students with the “right answers”, we ask the “right question” of the students, and challenge them to find the answers on their own

  • Students do their own research, analyze what they have found, and come to their own conclusions. As a result children tend to be fully engaged and self- directed in the learning process

  • Students gain a sense of accomplishment, closure, self confidence and self respect while developing a strong sense of order, independence and personal responsibility.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori Method was developed in the 1900's by Dr. Maria Montessori. She based her method on the premise that each child is born with a natural curiosity for life and its surroundings, and a drive to develop himself. A child learns best by using his senses and having the freedom to explore with materials that are a part of his prepared environment.

Dr. Maria Montessori devised the “prepared environment” to allow all children to work and develop at their own speed. In order to achieve this in a positive and successful method, Dr. Montessori designed various materials for the children to use individually. All materials / jobs are carefully made to self teach the child by having a “control of error”. This “control of error” is what enables teachers to evaluate the child’s understanding and to correct the child without negative reinforcements, but with praise and encouragement to try it again. The goal is to motivate and stimulate a child’s natural desire to learn.

​We have implemented a “prepared environment” here at Montessori of university village for all the children to have an opportunity to be successful and exceed to their fullest potential.

Hands on Montessori tools in the classroom

Sandpaper Letters

This is the first material that is presented in language. It gives the child a tactile,visual and auditory impression of the sounds of the alphabet.

Moveable Alphabet Boxes

This material is used to analyze words.We start with 3,4 and 5 letter phonetic words followed by phrases,sentences and stories, This material prepares the child for writing and reading .

Phonogram Boxes

This material is used to introduce long vowels,blends,digraphs and diphthogs

Metal Insets

This material indirectly prepares the child for writing by acquiring mastery of the hand in welding a writing instrument both in lightness of touch and of keeping within the limits.

Red and Blue Rods

A child’s first step in linear counting, these bars are arranged in a stair-like formation that the child counts.

Golden Beads

The child is introduced to units, tens, hundreds and thousands. This material is used to introduce all operations and understand the Decimal System.

Addition Strip Board

Children work on addition combinations by putting the red and blue strips together.

Bead Cabinet

This material allows the child to experience skip counting, squared, and cubed roots.