Infant    (12 Months - 18 Months ) 

During this age children gain a new perspective of the world as they are able to stand and walk. The warm and nurturing environment at Montessori of University Village offers the child meaningful activities to practice their new abilities. The prepared environment  offers opportunities to practice fine motor skills and hone gross motor skills through

- Self care

- Hand washing

- Face wiping

- dressing and undressing

- Eating

- Active participation during diaper changes

- Care of the environment

- Sweeping, mopping, dusting

- Watering plants inside and outside

- Moving furniture

- General skills

- Opening and closing of drawers, doors, and objects

- Object permanence

- Language rich environment

- Replicas of objects (vehicles, animals, furniture etc.)

- Language cards

- Poetry

- Singing

We focus on fostering independence, offering valid choices, and natural consequences.